Each new student being enrolled into the Wesley Christian School must submit a completed Admission Application, a certified Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, an up-to-date Kentucky Medical Exam form, and an up-to-date Kentucky Immunization Certificate. These items MUST be received by the school office prior to official enrollment date.  Students will not be permitted to begin school without a completed school file.

Admission Application contains basic student and family information, school history, student health and emergency information, fee and tuition information, and commitment statement. This application needs to be returned to the school office completed, appropriately signed and dated with any additional information attached.

 A certified birth certificate and original Social Security card must be presented to school office personnel. The originals must be submitted initially however, we will be glad to make a copy of these for our records.

 A Kentucky Medical Physical Form and Eye Exam  All Kentucky schools require a medical examination and eye exam (K-4 eye exam only) of each child entering school (kindergarten), entering the sixth grade and those who have transferred from another state or county within a period of six months prior to initial admission to school.  The Kentucky School Medical Exam Form must be completed by the physician and submitted to the school office. The Eye Exam form must be completed by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist.

A Kentucky Immunization Certificate is required of each child enrolled in a public or private school and preschool. The original certificate must be submitted - a copy of the certificate or the child’s immunization record is not acceptable. This certificate may be obtained from a Doctor or the State Health Department where your child received immunizations.

Be sure all immunizations received by your child are on the certificate. Check to make sure the immunization certificate has not expired.

 Any child who will be five (5) years old before October 1st of the school year, will be eligible to attend Kindergarten. A child who will be six (6) years old before October 1st may not enroll in first grade unless he/she has first completed a private or public licensed Kindergarten.

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