Part of the task of the home and the school in helping students grow to honor and glorify God in their lives is cultivating appropriate decision making concerning clothing. We want each student to be free from the pressures that can be created concerning popular clothing. For these and other reasons we require a uniform dress code at Wesley Christian School of Khaki or tan slacks, skirts or shorts (longer length) with navy blue shirts and blouses. These shirts must also carry the Wesley Christian School name and/or emblem. Embroidery of school name must be in khaki, white, or red only.   School spirit t-shirts and sweat-shirts with the school logo will be sold at the school. (Khaki denim type fabric not accepted)

Tank tops, sleeveless shirts and shirts with pictures, slogans, advertisements or designs of any kind are not allowed.  The administration reserves the right to determine when uniform choices are inappropriate.

Land’s End clothing company offers our logo embroidered on uniform shirts, sweaters and other clothing. Catalogs will be available in the office.

Male students are strictly prohibited to wear earrings.

Dress Code Clarification

January 8, 2016

Wesley Christian School sets a dress code for students based on principles of modesty, neatness, and appropriateness. We strive to help parents instill in children a desire to be examples of Christ to others. We believe that glorifying God in all that we do involves every aspect of our lives. We take our commitment to educate our students of these beliefs very seriously. It is also important to realize that parents play a key role in this area of dress code. It is necessary to our children that we, as parents, are guiding and supervising our young people in the selection of appropriate clothing. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify some guidelines of the Wesley Christian School Dress Code.

All WCS/WCHS students should exhibit modest, appropriate dress.

Hats/hoods are not to be worn inside the building.

Sweatshirts/sweaters may be worn under uniform shirts, but may not be worn over them.

Apparel should not, in any way, cause a distraction of any sort.

Tight or excessively baggy clothing is not permitted.

Leggings and jeggings are only permitted when worn under a long tunic or dress.

Low-rising pants are not permitted.

Shorts, skirts, or dresses are to be no higher than three inches from the knee.

Body piercing is not permitted (excluding ear piercing for women).

Unnaturally colored hair is not permitted.

Clothing should not be tight, clingy, or form fitting.

Midriffs should not show when reaching or bending.

Ladies should have their shoulders covered; spaghetti straps or sleeveless tops are not permitted.

Tops that are sheer or see-through are not permitted.

Clothing should not contain holes of any kind.

Administration will decide when/if any article of clothing in inappropriate.

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