Philosphy, Purpose, & Goals

The philosophy of the Christ United Methodist Wesley Christian School /Preschool is Christ centered, Bible oriented and dedicated to the proposition that every student is worthy of individual Time, Effort and Prayer.

The purpose of Christ United Methodist Wesley Christian School is to provide a  Christian environment in which each student will have the opportunity to hear the plan of salvation, to receive Christ as his/her personal Savior, and to develop a positive Christian philosophy for living. To be educated for meaningful Christian life and service,  promote high academic standards and to help enable our students to function effectively in the world that awaits them.

We are interested in developing good habits and ethical Christian attitudes that will establish the Spiritual, mental, emotional and social maturity of our students. The training of children is regarded as the joint responsibility of the home, the church, and the school. Whenever these three institutions cooperate in the same direction, Christian character is developed.

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