7:30 A.M. –  Preschool  & School Opens.
7:30 A.M./  7:55 A.M. - Breakfast served in the gym. 
7:55 A.M. –  Class rooms open.
8:00 A.M. –  Classes begin.
8:05 A.M. –  Students arriving after this time considered tardy.
1:00 P.M. –   K-4 class dismissed (3:00 dismissal on 2-hour delay days)
3:00 P.M.  –  Classes dismissed.
5:00 P.M.  –  Preschool & After School closes.

Foyer Area!- This is a “No Parking Zone”. Parents, do not leave your vehicle unattended in the Foyer area. This is a drop off/pick up area only! If you need to come into the building, you must park in the parking lot and come in.

Children enrolled at Wesley Christian School may arrive beginning at 7:30 A.M..  All classes begin at 8:00 A.M..  We ask our parents and escorts to limit your stay in the classrooms, gym, and halls in the mornings. Parents are to leave the classrooms by 8:00 A.M..

K-4 classes begin at 8:00 A.M. and end at 1:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. Students will be served lunch each day. Students staying in our after school program will remain in their classroom until 1:15 P.M. and then be escorted to the after school program by a teacher.

Our class day ends at 3:00 P.M.. Students may be picked up at the Main Entrance. Parents are not to enter classrooms or halls until 3:00 P.M.. Students enrolled in our After School Extended Care program will be escorted to their rooms by school personnel. It is important that you be prompt in picking up your child. Students not picked up by 3:15 P.M. will be sent to the After School class. You will then need to sign your child out and will be charged $5.00 for this care, -$10.00 for K-4 (after 1:15). Per day!

Students may be picked up ONLY by persons whose names are listed on your child’s record. If someone who is not listed will be picking up your child you need to send a signed note to your child’s teacher and personally contact the office.

If a student needs to withdraw during the school year, please notify the office at least two (2) weeks in advance. This will enable us to notify the teacher, determine any balance due on your tuition account, and complete the necessary paper work involved. In order to have your child’s records transferred, please notify the school office stating the name, address, and phone number of the school your child will be attending. Registration and Book Fees are non-refundable. Tuition is non-refundable for a month that student attends.
Wesley Christian School will not necessarily follow the public school system in our cancellation schedule. Delays, cancellations, or closings will be announced on radio stations: WMDJ Martin – WQHY Prestonsburg – WSIP Paintsville.  WYMT TV Hazard will also be notified.

*Delays or cancellations do not affect our Preschool .These programs will remain open unless otherwise announced.
*On Weather Delay Days all classes will release at the normal time (3:00 P.M.) Preschool will operate from 10:00 until 2:00 on delay days.
Regular and punctual attendance is essential to successful class work. If your child needs to stay home from school,  we ask that you call the school before 8:15 to let us know you are keeping him/her at home.  Failure to notify school could result in an unexcused absence. Excessive absences may interfere with student’s progress and possibly result in retention. After twelve (12) absences, the School Board and staff will review the student’s reasons for absence and their progress in the classroom, as well as promotion for the next school year.


When a student returns to school following an absence, they must present a note to their teacher explaining the nature of  their absence. The following are excused absences.

1.   ILLNESS – when 3 or more days are missed, a doctor’s verification is required.
2.   Serious illness in immediate family.
3.   Death in immediate family.
4.   Religious Holiday
5.   Court appearance when student’s appearance is required by subpoena or citation.
6.   Parent/Guardian requested absences. A parent’s requested absence must be submitted in writing at least one week in advance stating the dates the child will be absent from school and the dates they will return and the reason for
7.   Other serious personal or family emergencies.


*   It  is the student’s responsibility to make up the work missed
during their absence.
*   A student shall have twice the amount of time he was absent to turn in make-up work (one day absent – two days to make-up work).
Whenever possible please schedule after school appointments with doctors and dentists. We realize this is not always an option therefore, please send a note to the teacher acknowledging the student will be leaving early and
follow the Early Dismissal or Tardy procedures when students need to be excused. Doctors’ excuses need to be turned in to the office.
The following procedures are to be followed for early dismissal from school

1.   A note is required from home explaining the reason for early dismissal and time to be picked up.
2.  The teacher will dismiss the student to the office at the specified time. Parents must pick up students in the office.
3.  Students cannot leave with anyone other than parents unless there is WRITTEN parental permission.
4.  Students returning the same day for the above early dismissal  must be brought to the office and returned to class from there.
Please be on time in bringing your child to school. Any student, K-4 through 8th grade, arriving after 8:05 A.M. must report directly to the school office, where student will receive an admission slip to attend class. Tardy students will NOT be permitted to enter any classroom without this slip. Five (5) tar dies will equal one (1) unexcused absence. Twelve (12) tardies will equal 1-unexcused day. If your child has 12 tardies in 1-year, parents must meet with teacher and principal to explain reasons why!
If you are a smoker, please do not flip cigarette butts outside the front door in the foyer area!
In our world today we are regularly confronted with young men and women who have little or no self-discipline. Respect for authority is another problem of our society. Without self-discipline and a respect for authority we cannot live a Christ-like life.  At Wesley Christian school we hope to set the standard of Christian conduct which will lead to the development of Christian leaders for our world.
In order to insure spiritual and educational benefits for all students, each student is expected to conform and obey all rules and respect for authority and to develop self discipline on the part of the student. All students are subject to the authority of ANY staff member at any time on the school grounds during the school day or during school functions.

Christian love is at the heart of all discipline. Correction and chastening are essential parts of genuine love. Firmness without love is harsh. Love without firmness is sentimental. The responsibility and authority to discipline comes from God.

Our primary motive is not to inflict punishment, rather, it is to train for correction by use of discipline. Discipline should focus on future correct deeds, not on past misdeeds. Therefore, it should be administered out of love and concern, not out of frustration and hostility. A child who learns obedience to parents and teachers is developing a life style which encourages obedience to God.

Basically, the school discipline will be handled in the classroom by the teacher in an acceptable, workable manner. Most teachers use some variation of an assertive discipline plan or tally system. Each of these plans provide for step warnings and consequences appropriate for misbehavior. The following may be included:

* Oral reprimand providing instruction for correction

* Denial of privileges  (recess – special activity – etc.)

* Parent conferences

* Corporal punishment (per parental signing of consent)

If any parent/guardian at any time has a question concerning the discipline of their child, a conference may be scheduled to talk with the school Principal and the child’s teacher. This conference must be with the legal parent or guardian of the child. Matters involving your child will not be discussed with other family members (grandparents, etc.).
1.   Be courteous
2.   As a common courtesy, all adults are to be addressed as Dr., Mr., Miss, or Mrs..
3.   Students passing between two adults or stepping in front of an adult shall properly excuse themselves.
4.   Special rooms (Kitchen, maintenance room, storage & supply rooms) are out of bounds for students unless permission is granted by a teacher.
5.   We have a beautiful building and grounds. We want each student to be proud of our facility and accept the responsibility to take care, not damage it. Defacing or misusing any school property, including school ground, trees and landscaping, is considered highly disrespectful and will carry serious consequences.
6.   Knives / guns or any other dangerous objects shall NOT be    brought to school.
7.   No sound equipment is to be brought to school (tape recorders, video games, radios, cell phones, etc.).
8.   There will be no airborne objects in the building.
9.   All magazines must be approved by the teacher.
10.  Everyone deserves respect. We will not tolerate derogatory remarks or  unkind teasing.
11.  Students are required to have parental permission (written) in order to leave school grounds with another student and must only be picked up by an adult. Students otherwise can only be picked up by persons listed with the office.
12.  AT NO TIME will disrespect or defiance be acceptable from a student.
13. Destruction of school property!- If your child is caught destroying school property, parents must make restitution for damages. If restitution is not made, the student will no longer be allowed to attend Wesley Christian school.
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